Sherry Cooper Art > SEEDLINGS OF HOPE ON GAMBIER ISLAND: Narrative paintings of a heritage orchard

these paintings tell the story of a heritage orchard on Gambier Island founded in 1895. Learn more about this orchard. http://www.library.ubc.ca/archives/pdfs/bchf/bch_2006_02.pdf. My narrative paintings are set on Gambier Island in Howe Sound. This is where I have my summer home. It is here that a judge and his family emigrated from Norway in 1896 to plant an orchard. He was well educated and could read and write 6 languages. I wonder why at the age of 41 he chose to come to Gambier Island? I researched archives, vital statistics, census and land titles to learn more about his life. I interviewed his daughter-in-law many times to understand his story. I produced paintings about his life as I imagined it to be.