I was playing with beautiful shiny brass wire with my fingers. I bent and twisted them giving them each a gesture. Then I picked up my collection of beautiful chicken feathers and chose carefully the ones that were fluffy that had a curl to them. I loved their grace and beauty. Each one was expressive in its own way. Then I decided I could combine the gracefulness of the wire and feathers into one unit as the wire added an extension of the feather’s curl and exaggerated each gesture which I manipulated to please myself. I placed a large bouquet of stemmed feather “flowers” on my table. However, I couldn’t stop playing and creating these units. I was addicted! Soon I had bags and bags of stemmed feathers and I was inspired to make a curtain. Whilst making the curtain I had to make choices as to how I would hang them and realized quickly that with the addition of spotlighting I could multiply the artistic effect of my feather strands by incorporating their cast shadows. Finally, I hung the curtain which was 17 units of approximately 6 foot long segments against a white wall and turned on the lights. The cast shadow created by the lighting was void of all detail except the flat shapes and lines. The contrast was stunning to me and I looked at the shadows as a drawing on the wall. I call my piece: Feather Shadow Dancing Sherry Cooper, 2016