News of ARTforce Collection's original collections of fine art in Vancouver, B.C.



Along with my friend Sheila Page, we have just installed an exhibition at the Waterfront Theatre called:

ART AND NATURE:  COMMON GROUND.  The paintings are up now and until March 31st.  2019.  The lobby is open during box office hours during the day. 




I will be participating in this years Culture Crawl.  This is the 7th year for me.  You can find my in studio 108-1000 Parker street.  I will be ready and waiting to greet you this weekend.  Thursday and Friday 5-10 pm and Saturday and Sunday 11 am - 6 pm.  This is a wonderrful opportunity for you to come meet artists face to face and experience some magic.  I invite you into my small studio and fall in love with my vision of beauty.  You can commission a piece to meet your needs in size and colours.  I have a collection of small studies just waiting their turn to be realized in a large size.  if you are searching for an original piece of art for your home or office, this weekend will give you plenty of options to consider.  So come to The Crawl, it will be a buzz with so many creative artists and art lovers.  


Eastside culture Crawl 2018 preview Show.

My sculpture called EVIDENCE has been chosesn for the exhibition Places, Spaces and Traces preview show.  opening reception is November 1st from 6-8 at  Alternative Creations Studio 1695 Venables Street near Commercial Drive. The exhibition runs until November 18th. Please drop by and have a look.




UNINHIBITED Waterfront Theatre starting September 12th, 2018 Held Over

The Exhibition has been held over until November 7th.  Plenty of time to drop by and see my latest work called UNINHIBITED.

Uninhibited is a new body of work that hasn't been shown before.  It will make it's debut at the  Waterfront Theatre on Granville Island September 12th.  The show will be up for 6 weeks.  Plenty of time to catch a glimpse of what has been my  focus for the past 8 months.  I work from photos I have taken of the natural world and create a small study to experiment with colour combinations.  When I enlarge the study, I use vivid colours to make the image bold and beautiful.  I like to share my vision of beauty.  Painting helps me engage with the natural world and to clarify and enjoy the beauty I see there.  With all the fear, hate and populism in the world, I believe beauty becomes a form of resistence.



Paddles For Africa online auction until Oct. 13th 2018

I am proud to promote this event which is happening now until Oct.  13th.  many artists, inclulding myself have painted these recycled paddles to raise money for the Gogo campaigns initiated under the Stephen Lewis Foundation.  You can check out the artists and their paddles.  

The tikun Olam chapter of the Gogos will host an evening fundraiser with the paddles available for bidding on the last day October 13th.  Many Rivers To Cross.  learn more. 

 The Auction was a huge success.  Happy that my paddle raised $700.00 for such a good cause.  Thanks to all who made the auction a huge success, especially Susan Hyde and Mary Ellen Belfore.